The Oasis is an Enchanting Location for Filming and Photography in Los Angeles.

A dream location for photographers and filmmakers.

Just steps away from the heart of Abbot Kinney, the Oasis is a sun-dripped mansion where every angle is picture perfect. Featured in Architectural Digest, this extraordinary home boasts iconic indoor-outdoor pools and a Moroccan-inspired rustic interior. A dream location for photographers and filmmakers, the Oasis is known as the Most Instagrammable Home in Los Angeles.

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Photography at Oasis

Shoot in a Moroccan-inspired paradise where high fashion thrives. Abundant natural light, impeccable design, and an on-site dedicated photography studio.

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Filming at Oasis

Capture the exotic without ever leaving Los Angeles.  An arrestingly beautiful luxury mansion ideal for high-end production.

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The Oasis

An Iconic & Historic Location

The Venice Oasis is a luxury home available for filming and photography. This unforgettable historic property has been featured in Architectural Digest, Volterre, Mydomaine, Apartment Therapy and graced the covers of numerous fashion magazines. Natural tones, soothing stones, and gentle water make the vintage California mansion a zen masterpiece.  Moroccan antiques dot the sandstone-colored walls, with sunbaked clay and pops of jewel-toned turquoise accents. Indoor/outdoor waterpools lead from within the home into the gardens, seamlessly blending interior and exterior. Outside, a sculptural garden blooms, with tiers of flourishing cacti and succulents.

The Oasis was hand designed by Philip Dixon, a master photographer renowned for his high fashion work. Dixon was regularly featured in magazines such as Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, and is a beloved celebrity photographer and fashion icon.  He envisioned the Oasis as eliminating barriers between inside and outside, so that the interior, the gardens and the pool flow effortlessly together as one. He drew on the organic elements of the land, building the home according to the natural angles of the sunlight and direction of the wind.  

The multi-level Los Angeles home is approximately 6,000 square feet in total. Striking details of the design include exposed wooden beams in the ceiling, desert-themed tones and textures, ornamental spheres and bowls, and clay floors and cabinets. On the second story, the Oasis offers a dedicated photography studio. Skylights flood the space with ample natural light.  The studio features two built-in sets, separated by a picture-frame style divider. This included studio is prime for magazine cover shoots and high-end photography.

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Dixon’s Oasis is rightfully known as one of the best photo locations in California. Its graceful space and exquisite natural light are beyond compare for lookbooks, high fashion photography, and celebrity photoshoots.  The rustic elegance of Phillip Dixon’s vision has inspired countless magazine covers, commercials, and fashion spreads. The Oasis is ideal for production seeking to shoot on location at a luxury pool, or to film exteriors at a mansion. Every inch of this architectural masterpiece begs to be filmed and photographed.

The property is located inside of a walled compound, providing privacy and security.  It’s the ultimate house for on-location production featuring celebrities, or high profile products.  Shoot your high-end television, film, or commercial production today in this fashion and style icon. Film LA permit.

Here are some internationally renowned brands that have shot and filmed at the Oasis.

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